Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Desire, Passion and Dedication Lead to Distinction

‘Medical’ and ‘school’: two everyday words you’ve no doubt run across hundreds, if not thousands, of times in your life. It would be safe to say that neither one by itself for most people conjures any real emotions. Put the two together, though, and a different story begins to emerge.

‘Medical school’: the combination of the individual words results in a concept that goes above and beyond the two words separately. This idea is known as synergism. It is defined as cooperative action of discrete agencies such that the total effect is greater than the sum of the two taken independently.

The term ‘medical school’ carries with it a whole host of connotations and meanings that were not present in the two words individually. Think about attending medical school and what comes to mind? LOTS of studying? Sleep deprivation? Hundreds of polysyllabic words – like pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis – that you need to understand? How about simply long, or difficult?

“Medical school is difficult,” admits Dr. Paul Lubitz, “as well it should be. Medical school is there to train future doctors; individuals to whom you will entrust your very life. You want them to have gone through rigorous training.”

So what qualities does it take to succeed in medical school – agreeably some of the most difficult years many will face? “It takes dedication,” states Dr. Paul Lubitz. “And – perhaps more important – it also takes desire, and passion. Each quality on its own is a wonderful thing. But one without the others will not suffice. The qualities must work together.” Many have the desire to attend medical school but not the dedication. On the other hand, many have the dedication to attend medical school but not the desire or passion. Desire, passion and dedication must all be present to make this endeavor work successfully.

“Desire and passion were present in me from an early age. I had the desire to learn and excel, desire to push my limits of understanding, desire to increase the caliber and extent of my skills, and, even from a young age, the desire to help others,” explains Dr. Paul Lubitz. My passion for obtaining knowledge, for being the best I could be, and for helping others provided me with the strength and courage to pursue my dreams of becoming a physician particularly important when challenging situations arose.

“Once I identified what I wanted to do with my life, dedication – to the study of medicine – joined desire and passion and gave me the tools necessary to succeed in the difficult task ahead.”
And succeed he did. Dr. Paul Lubitz didn’t just graduate from medical school; he graduated with Distinction. “Medical schools bestow this honor to demonstrate that the graduate is an exceptional doctor, above others in his field as far as knowledge and expertise are concerned and that he has a high level of dedication to his field.”

Dr. Paul Lubitz’ distinction is evident in his many achievements within the medical field including numerous publications in respected medical journals and a Government of Guyana Certificate of Merit presented by the then Prime Minister, the Honorable Dr. Samuel A. Hinds, in grateful recognition of Dr. Paul Lubitz’ contribution to the health system of Guyana, South America.

“Desire, passion and dedication should not be left behind once a student graduates,” says Dr. Paul Lubitz. “These qualities should be exhibited throughout that doctor’s career.” Desire, passion and dedication can take many forms. In Dr. Lubtiz’ case, he has routinely visited underserved and impoverished areas in both African and South America in the past and more recently in the Northwest territories, Newfoundland and Labrador in order to provide residents with essential medical services. His clinic is also actively involved in training future generations of medical doctors through rotations and electives.

“What is my advice to prospective med students and practicing doctors alike?” Dr. Paul Lubitz offers. “Cultivate your desire. Nurture your dedication. Follow your passion. Grow them together and they will lead you to personal success far beyond your wildest dreams.”